Carlos “The Ronin” Newton is a UFC World Champion and PRIDE Japan MMA Legend. The first of only 2 Canadians to ever win the UFC world champion title, Carlos has always been considered an MMA fan favourite and "Submission Master”. Carlos is one of the most recognizable, internationally dominant fighters to have ever pioneered MMA competition; competing worldwide in the most prestigious MMA organizations including UFC, Pride FC, IFL, K-1, and Shooto. Carlos was the first Warrior MMA black belt under Terry Riggs and holds one of the highest ranking BJJ Black Belts in Canada as a IBJJF 3rd Degree Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. With an outstanding professional career lasting over 15 years, he will forever be one of Canadian’s most successful Mixed Martial Arts icons.

For the last 50 years, Shihan Tom Sharkey has studied martials arts. He is the head instructor, President and founder of Sharkey Defensive Training and Ranger Jiu-Jitsu. For more than 35 years, Staff Sergeant Tom Sharkey has served in and taught police unarmed combat and tactical training to police, guards and army units in both Canada and the United States. He has served 20 years with the Emergency Task Force in Toronto and his area of expertise includes Survival and Self-defence. Tom Sharkey also has a military background; he was a Ranger Sergeant and Team Leader for two tours in Vietnam with the 75th Airborne Rangers. During his military service, Tom was awarded several military decorations. Ranks held: 7th Dan, Juko Ryu Jiu-Jitsu; 2nd Dan, Wadu Ryu Karate; 3rd Dan, Kempo Karate; 1st Dan, Tae Kwon Do.

At the age of 5, Tony entered the martial arts world starting with Judo. As years progressed he experimented with other arts such as Tae Kwon Do and Ninjitsu. Tony was introduced to Jiu Jitsu in 1990 through his high school coach/teacher and mentor Neil Dalgarno. In 2005, after being awarded his 3rd Dan black belt, he began to teach under his mentor Neil Dalgarno at the Centre for Martial Arts in Richmond Hill. Aside from Jiu Jitsu, Tony has gathered many certificates ranging from CPR, Crisis Intervention, Lockdown Training, Situational Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and Safe Talk Suicide Prevention. He has hosted many workshops and seminars educating students on topics such as self-defence, anti-bullying, mental health, and suicide prevention. Ranks held: 5th Degree black belt, Japanese Jiu Jitsu;  Blue belt, BJJ.

Earning his first black belt in Toronto, Canada, and consecutive black belts in Aklan, Philippines, Urvil James has studied a diverse array of martial arts disciplines beyond the ones that he is recognized in, across multiple different countries, including: Hong Kong, Peru, Vietnam and Thailand. Of which, he has explored: Karate, Capoeira, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga and Tai Chi. However, despite this eclectic set of martial arts disciplines, Urvil James has always maintained a strong emphasis on only applying the most practical and spiritual components in all styles that he has studied. He is also one of the two primary innovators of the CPAD method for self-defence. Ranks held: 6th Degree black belt, Arnis De Mano/Balintawak; 6th Degree black belt, Black Scorpion Arnis International; 5th Degree black belt, World Sikaran Brotherhood Of The Philippines; Black belt, Nerkin Ouj; E-RYT 200/RYT 500, Yoga Alliance; YACEP, Yoga Alliance.

Former lead instructor of the Energy Martial Arts Academy in Toronto, Canada, and Karate Kids Canada 2014 instructor of the year, Adrian has been a devout student of the martial arts and spirituality for many years; ultimately transforming his discipline from a lifestyle into a livelihood. Having also completed his police foundations diploma, Adrian aims to brings the tactical, alongside the practical, to every lesson that he teaches. He is also one of the two primary innovators of the CPAD method for self-defence and is certified in Safe Talk Suicide Prevention. Ranks held: 2nd Degree black belt, Arnis De Mano/Balintawak; Black belt, Nerkin Ouj; RYT 200, Yoga Alliance.